Security service

A security service is an organization that typically provides a range of safety, transport, and logistical services to people. These services are typically utilized by individuals or organizations in order to protect themselves from people who wish to cause physical harm. Some examples of these services may include but are not limited to: protection from terrorism or harassment, transportation such as hiring car or bus, emergency evacuation and many more.

Security service is a necessary part of our everyday life as we need it for multiple purposes. Protection against third party actions is especially important nowadays when we face new forms of terrorism like cyber-terrorism which can lead us into the dark future if not taken care properly and in time.

There are numerous types of security services. They are based on the type of service clients want them to provide. Moreover, there can be several versions of the same type of security services depending on region, customer needs and other aspects. Protection is one of the most popular services among clients as it provides safety and a feeling of security. Such a service is usually performed by bodyguards or other professionals who are capable and ready to defend their customer in case any third party attack occurs. Another very popular service is evacuation and transportation. A number of people need to be evacuated especially in difficult situations. This situation can be anywhere from a natural disaster like tornado or hurricane to a human-made disaster like terrorist attack.

Security services are widely spread all over the world, but they provide different services to different countries. Some countries highly rely on security services while others don’t give that much importance to it but tend to utilize it when necessary. Security service is an international business with presence in almost every country of the world nowadays, providing protection and evacuation against any potential risk that might turn into harm for its clients worldwide.

Securitization is the process of converting tangible, physical entities such as portfolios of bank loans or vehicles in security to a claim that can be traded. When the securitization process is enabled, we are looking to achieve several goals. These goals include;

The most common form of securitization includes taking a loan and turning it into a security through the use of derivatives. Since the rise in popularity of this type of securitization, there has arisen some controversy as to whether it is legal or not. The first major issue is that because derivatives are investment products, they are covered under securities laws and regulations for market regulation guidelines. Read More...

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